Reports on Mathematical Physics 82/1 - Książki Medyczne - Najtańsza Księgarnia Medyczna

Reports on Mathematical Physics 82/1

  • Dostępność: Brak
  • Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN

Tytuł: Reports on Mathematical Physics 82/1

Rok: 2018

Format: 16.5x24.0cm

Stron: 136

Fractional linear birth-death stochastic process - an application of Heun's differential equation
A counterexample to Matsumoto's conjecture regarding absolute length vs. Relative length in Finsler manifolds
Indicatrix geometry clarifies that Finsler lenght can be larger than relative length
Pseudo-Finsler spaces modeled on a pseudo-Minkowski space
Generalized integrable hierarchies of AKNS type, super Dirac type and super NLS-mKDV type
On the sharpness of spectral estimates for graph Laplacians
Multipartite quantum correlations: syplectic and algebraic geometry approach
A note on incompressibility of relativistic fluids and the instantaneity of their pressures
Pseudo-Poisson Nijenhuis manifolds