Krakow A City of Colors - Książki Medyczne - Najtańsza Księgarnia Medyczna

Krakow A City of Colors

  • Dostępność: Brak
  • Wydawca: Petrus

Tytuł: Krakow A City of Colors

Autor: Grzebień Bożena

Wydanie: 2

Rok: 2009

Format: 12.0x17.0cm

Stron: 334

ISBN: 9788377201053

Self guided tours and stories. This guidebook is very special. You can read it while planning your stay. You can also take it with you on your tours and walks. It will show you around the city of Krakow with the passion and zeal of a native tour guide, one who walks beside you, telling you Krakow's most interesting stories. It will give you all the history and information you want on the city's many sights, without going into unnecessary detail. It is a lively, succinct book which conveys the author's love of the city on every page. Make the most of your stay in Krakow with ",Krakow - the City of Colors", guidebook!