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Infectious Diseases of the Skin

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  • Tytuł: Infectious Diseases of the Skin
    Autor: Tammie Ferringer, Stephen K. Tyring, Omar P. Sangueza
    Stron: 160
    ISBN: 9781840761078
    Rok: 2009

    Infections remain the leading cause of death worldwide and as new antibiotics are developed organisms develop mechanisms of resistance. Successful treatment of skin infections relies on accurate and swift diagnosis and visual inspection remains the most important means to that end. This book aims to provide a pictorial guide to the diagnosis of common bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections, as well as recognition of arthropods of medical importance. The text is divided into chapters by class of organism, and in each chapter by clinical entity. It will be of lasting value to dermatologists in practice and training, and to general physicians/practitioners interested in dermatology. ...covers comprehensively the content of skin infections with a marvelous sting in the tail... clinical photographs are of excellent quality, and importantly show classical as well as atypical presentations... The final chapter on Arthropods is the best and most accessible I have read on this topic... This is a great little book, both as a handy reference source for infectious disease physicians and dermatologists, and also for the interested generalist British Journal of Hospital Medicine References [are] useful and well chosen... A major asset is the high volume, and quality, of the illustrations Dermatology in Practice 20100201