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In Pirsuit of Excellence 3e

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  • Wydawca: Human Kinetics
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  • Tytuł: In Pirsuit of Excellence 3e
    Autor: Orlick
    Stron: 248
    ISBN: 9780736031868
    Rok: 2000

    In Pursuit of Excellence shows you how to develop the positive outlook that turns “ordinary” competitors into winners... on the playing field and off. You’ll learn how to focus your commitment, overcome obstacles to excellence, and achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction.
    Author Terry Orlick, an internationally acclaimed sport psychologist, has helped hundreds of Olympic athletes maximize their performances and achieve their goals. In this third edition of In Pursuit of Excellence, Orlick presents his special insights and experiences to help you make the most of your potential. He also identifies the Seven Essential Elements of Human Excellence and provides a step-by-step plan for proceeding along your personal path to excellence.

    Whether you are an athlete, coach, or high achiever in another walk of life, In Pursuit of Excellence provides the expert advice and proven techniques to fulfill your aspirations.

    The author shows athletes how to focus their commitment, overcome obstacles to excellence and achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction. He outlines the seven essential elements of human excellence and detals how one athlete applied them to win an Olympic gold medal. He also provides a step-by-step procedure for planning a personal path to excellence.