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Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science 4 vols

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  • Wydawca: Elsevier Science Publishers
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  • Tytuł: Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science 4 vols
    Autor: S Elias
    Stron: 3576
    ISBN: 9780444519191
    Rok: 2006

    The quaternary sciences constitute a dynamic, multidisciplinary field of research that has been growing in scientific and societal importance in recent years. This branch of the Earth sciences links ancient prehistory to modern environments. Quaternary terrestrial sediments contain the fossil remains of existing species of flora and fauna, and their immediate predecessors. Quaternary science plays an integral part in such important issues for modern society as groundwater resources and contamination, sea level change, geologic hazards (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis), and soil erosion. With over 360 articles and 2,600 pages, many in full-color, the "Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science" provides broad ranging, up-to-date articles on all of the major topics in the field. Written by a team of leading experts and under the guidance of an international editorial board, the articles are at a level that allows undergraduate students to understand the material, while providing active researchers with the latest information in the field. Also available online via ScienceDirect (2006) featuring extensive browsing, searching, and internal cross-referencing between articles in the work, plus dynamic linking to journal articles and abstract databases, making navigation flexible and easy. 360 individual articles are written by prominent international authorities, encompassing all important aspects of quaternary science. Each entry provides comprehensive, in-depth treatment of an overview topic and presented in a functional, clear and uniform layout. Reference section provides guidance for further research on the topic. Article text is supported by full-color photos, drawings, tables, and other visual material. Writing level is suited to both the expert and non-expert. "The goal of the editor of this four-volume encyclopedia--to provide authoritative and comprehensive coverage of the subject, to emphasize the interconnectedness of the science, and to make the information of value to all levels--are admirably fulfilled. ...Summing Up: Essential. All levels." --CHOICE "This is a monumental work of paramount importance for modern earth science. ...Probably the most significant single overview of Quaternary science ever. ...The book bears an imprint of unhurried thoroughness in editing...makes reading chapter-by-chapter a pleasure. ...Colour...and resolution of figures...are superb. This book... will undoubtedly be appreciated by the research community and is here to stay as frontrunner for many years to come. Congratulations to...all who decide to put it on their shelves." -- BOREAS - An International Journal of Quaternary Research "There is so much interesting material included that it is difficult to lay the book(s) aside." --Journal of Sedimentary Research