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Bank Management & Financial Services

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  • Tytuł: Bank Management & Financial Services
    Autor: Peter S. Rose, Sylvia C. Hudgins, Rose
    Stron: 800
    ISBN: 9780071239318
    Rok: 2004

    Part I. An Introduction to the Business of Banking and Financial Services Management 1. An Overview of Banks and The Financial-Services Sector 2. The Impact of Government Policy and Regulation on Banking and the Financial-Services industry 3. The Organization and Structure of Banking and The Financial-Services Industry 4. The Financial Statements of Banks and Some of Their Closest Competitors 5. Measuring and Evaluating the Performance of Banks and Their Principal Competitors Part II. Asset-Liability Management Techniques and Hedging Against Interest-Rate Risk and Credit Risk 6. Asset-Liability Management: Determining and Measuring Interest Rates and Controlling Interest-Sensitive and Duration Gaps 7. Using Financial Futures, Options, Swaps, and Other Hedging Tools in Asset-Liability Management 8. Asset-Backed Securities, Loan Sales, Credit Standbys, and Credit Derivatives: Important Risk Management Tools for Banks and Competing Financial-Service Firms Part III. Managing the Investment Portfolios and Liquidity Positions of Banks and Similar Financial Firms 9. The Investment Function in Banking and Financial Services Management 10. Liquidity and Reserve Management: Strategies and Policies Part IV. Managing the Sources of Funds for Banks and Their Closest Competitors 11. Managing and Pricing Deposit Services 12. Managing Nondeposit Liabilities and Other Sources of Borrowed Funds 13. Sources of Fee Income: Investment Banking, Security Trading, Insurance, Trust, and Other Revenue-Producing Services 14. The Management of Capital Part V. Providing Loans to Businesses and Consumers 15. Lending Policies and Procedures 16. Lending to Business Firms and Pricing Business Loans 17. Consumer Loans, Credit Cards, and Real Estate Lending Part VI. The Path of Expansion for Banks and Competing Financial-Service Providers 18. Creating and Managing Service Outlets: New Charters, Branches, and Electronic Facilities 19. Mergers and Acquisitions: Managing the Process 20. International Banking Service Options Appendix: Using a Financial Calculator Dictionary of Key Terms in Banking and Financial Services