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Atlas of Contrast-Enhanced Angiography

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  • Tytuł: Atlas of Contrast-Enhanced Angiography
    Autor: R.H. Mohiaddin, Nicholas Bunce, Bunce
    Stron: 96
    ISBN: 9781842140819
    Rok: 2003

    Conventional coronary angiography can lead to infections, injuries to the arteries, and in rare cases, heart attack or death. Using the new, rapidly developing technique of contrast-enhanced angiography (CEA), also known as magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), cardiologists can now quickly and effectively evaluate a broad range of vascular abnormalities, including the kinds of problems often seen with traditional echocardiography. An Atlas of Contrast-Enhanced Angiography uses images taken directly from the magnetic resonance scanner to illustrate the application of CEA to all the common pathologies and anomalies seen in the cardiovascular system. It contains tables, charts, and line diagrams that delineate the angiograms. Authors Mohiaddin and Bunce supply explanatory text supporting and complementing the figures and providing clinical diagnoses and investigations of a multitude of normal and abnormal findings. A clinical aid to diagnosis and a review text containing bibliographic references and index, An Atlas of Contrast-Enhanced Angiography allows you to learn from the current leaders in the field. In addition, it provides you with a visual aide to the diagnosis and management of vascular disease.