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Antiviral Agents

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  • Tytuł: Antiviral Agents
    Autor: Ernst Jucker
    Stron: 268
    ISBN: 9783764365479
    Rok: 2001

    The unfortunate appearance of AIDS, the manifold problems with herpesviruses and other viruses attacking humans have led to an enormous dynamism of worldwide research and to an immense increase in the corresponding literature. With this first Special Topic of the monograph series Progress in Drug Research, the editor and the publishers undertake an effort to supply concise reviews on virus research, especially on the development of new and future antiviral agents in some important and widespread viral diseases. Latest Progress in Drug Research articles dealing with new chemotherapeutics for the treatment of the most threatening viral diseases are presented. These very well received articles were upgraded and supplemented with new chapters to form this actual overview of the achievements in the respective fields of virus research. This special volume contains six review articles covering the latest studies on the HIV and hepatitis C and B viruses...