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Amphibian Ecology and Conservation

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  • Wydawca: Oxford University Press
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  • Tytuł: Amphibian Ecology and Conservation
    Autor: C Kenneth Dodd
    Stron: 588
    ISBN: 9780199541188
    Rok: 2009

    This practical manual of amphibian ecology and conservation brings together a distinguished, international group of amphibian researchers to provide a state-of-the-art review of the many new and exciting techniques used to study amphibians and to track their conservation status and population trends. The integration of ecology and conservation is a natural outcome of the types of questions posed by these disciplines: how amphibians can and should be sampled, marked, and followed through time; how abundance and population trends are measured; what are the robust statistical methods that can be used in ecology and conservation; what roles do amphibians play in community structure and function; how do animals function in their environment; and what affects the long-term persistence of species assemblages? Although emphasizing field ecology, sections on physiological ecology, genetics, landscape ecology, and disease analysis are also included. The book describes the latest statistical approaches in amphibian field ecology and conservation, as well as the use of models in interpreting field research. Much of this information is scattered in the scientific literature or not readily available, and the intention is to provide an affordable, comprehensive synthesis for use by graduate students, researchers, and practising conservationists worldwide. The book is far more than a cookbook or field guide. It is a synthesis. I hope my fellow amphibian ecologists (and discerning ecologists specializing in other taxa and systems) will join me in thanking the many folks who made this handbook a reality; we, our students, and proteges will benefit for years to come. Bulletin of the Canadian Association of Herpetologists This handbook is likely to serve as a valuable herpetological reference tool for years to come. Bulletin of the British Ecological Society